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Do you love your refrigerator because it fits your magnets perfectly but it's melting all your ice cream? Is your dryer screaming like a baby when you dry your clothes? Call Cj's Appliances Customer Service and get that old appliance you love so much repaired. We even provide a 30 day service warranty!

Cj's Appliances offers service on household appliance you may need repaired, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, range cookers, stackable units and even commercial units. Cj's Appliances does not provide service on microwaves, hood ranges, and dishwashers.

Schedule/diagnose fee for service is $65.00 (Non-Refundable) which includes scheduling date/time frame for service and Technician diagnosis. Customers are required to be home to allow Cj's Appliances Technician entry and to be present for service. After the technician diagnosis, the customer is provided the opprotunity to continue with repair based on cost/diagnosis or to discontinue the service appointment/purchase new unit. If parts are in stock or repairable, technician will be able to perform repair on the spot. If part must be ordered, a second service appointment will be scheduled and no extra schedule fee will be applied. Customers will pay for service/repair after completion. Prices on service depend on cost of parts and labor, which can vary from as little as $30.00 to as expensive as $250.00 (usually for computerboards). Service Payments can be made in person at time of service completion by cash or check. To pay with Credit/Debit customers can call Cj's Appliances Customer Service the same day of the service before 5:00pm and make their payment over the phone. Payment must be made by the card holder.

Customers can call Cj's Appliances Customer Service to gain more information on the problem of their unit, however, Service Appoinments must be made in person.

The Service schedule/diagnose fee must be paid, in person, at Cj's Appliances Offices at 6304 Eastern Avenue prior to any appointment scheduing. No appointment can be scheduled without payment.

Did you buy your appliance from Cj's Appliances and it is out of warranty? LET US KNOW!

Service appointments made on appliances previously purchased from Cj's Appliances which are out of warranty qualify for discounted service rates. Reciepts and/or presence in Cj's Appliances sales records necesary to verify appliance purchase.

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